SERVICE SOAP ERROR (function "TaskForce")
HTTP: Internal Server Error

ERROR: Unknown Service Error!

(IN FUNCTION Module::ServiceTaskForce)
(IN FILE /home/atbatb/public_html/XMod/CORE/INC/core/class.Module.php AT LINE 699)

(LAST PHP ERROR MESSAGE: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; GMDataObjectGroup has a deprecated constructor)

(IN FUNCTION Module::Execute)
(IN FILE /home/atbatb/public_html/XMod/CORE/INC/core/class.Module.php AT LINE 105)

(IN FILE /home/atbatb/public_html/XMod/CORE/INC/XModInclude.php AT LINE 29)

(IN FUNCTION XMod_ApplicationTopExtender::proceed)
(IN FILE /home/atbatb/public_html/GXUserComponents/overloads/ApplicationTopExtenderComponent/XMod_ApplicationTopExtender.inc.php AT LINE 12)

Autoteile Herford

Autoteile Herford